“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself. ”
~ John Dewey
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Kids are creative, curious and compassionate beings.  When their questions, ideas and beliefs are tapped, the potential for learning is infinite. We do not simply believe in education for the sake of preparing students for the future. In fact, at School Retooled, we hold dear, our mission to support students as creators, makers and agents of change in the present. We also foster the skills needed for them to adapt to an ever-changing environment, for who knows what the future may offer and demand!

At School Retooled, LLC., we provide full-service consulting, professional learning experiences, educator and parent workshops, and curriculum development for schools and organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo of our traditional education system. From design thinking to project based learning, kids learn by 'doing' and in the process, create their purpose in this world. Learn more about School Retooled, LLC…

Coming soon.. Student workshops and camps! Have an idea for a camp or workshop? Let us know your ideas here!


Consulting and Coaching

We offer consulting and coaching based on the mission, vision and initiatives of the organization we are working with. We want to be your thought partner and help you move your vision forward. 

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Professional Learning

Just as we believe meeting individual students where they are is imperative, we also believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to the needs of a site and district. Therefore, we offer customized professional development which are carefully crafted to provide quality learning experiences for educators. We want teachers to leave feeling energized and ready to take a risk and try something new and innovative, all while using proven instructional practices which foster deeper learning!

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Instructional Design

Using a variety of methods including design thinking and project based learning, we create authentic learning experiences for students by developing curriculum that is relevant and organic in nature. We believe in integrating core components of learning and emphasize the importance of students finding purpose in their learning. Oh, and we love getting our hands dirty in the process!

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Our Belief

When it comes to supporting our students, we pull out all the stops. We invest in them today and by doing so, we invest in our future; forever.


Our Partners